Wednesday, March 18, 2015

King Edward decides who should be Lord Protector after his death

Edward secretly wants Richard to destroy everything. He's glad that Richard is a sadistic killer. The people will finally get what they deserve. Why did anyone ever accept him as king in the first place? He's not half the man his father was and he knows it. What kind of world is this? Any fool with a big enough army can become king. Anyone who's willing to betray enough people can become king. Those idiots won't stand up for any kind of principle except for might makes right. His father was so ambitious. He really believed he should be king. He was able to get people to follow him. He held them in line through his own power and his own charisma. 

But what have I done? Nothing. Just killed. Just fought. No achievements to leave behind me. Just a fractured land that will fall apart. Left in the hands a little child who will never be able to weather the coming storm. Maybe Richard can hold it together. People fear him. People listen to him. But they don't trust him. I don't trust him. But he's a killer. He understands power. He will beat them into submission. And he can't live forever. Also, he'll never have children. He'll give my little prince just enough time to learn something of the world. Time to grow into his power. If he gets the chance. But what chance does he have if someone else becomes lord protector? No. It has to be Richard. Of course it's dangerous. But every choice is dangerous. 

Listen to me. Still trying to hold onto power even though I'm slipping into the grave. God knows what I am. God knows. God knows what I've done. And all for power. Sickening power.